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Hello potential new friends, I’m Mia [INTJ]! I’m 19 years old, and working on doing something with my life. Right now, I’m in the middle of a big change in my life, and I’d like some new friends to come along with me.

Currently, I’m working minimum wage at a dollar store. My job is boring, and stressful at the same time. At the moment, I live with my mom, but will be moving out of state to live with my father soon enough. I’m in a relationship, but it’s not something I talk about excessively. My entries tend to be about my everyday life, what’s going on in the world if it interests me, and the occasional meme.

… Talking about myself is difficult.

LIKES: anime. music. manga. random dancing. facebook. the internet. dieting. concerts. reading. anime conventions. drag queens. sailor moon. blowing bubbles. facebook. cats. the history channel (when it’s actually teaching me things, and not showing ice road truckers).

DISLIKES: bad spelling. bad grammar. tlkn lyk diz. giant insects. being sick. going to bed before midnight.

I’m looking for friends who are at least 18 years old, and meet the generic non-racist, non-homophobic, and non-overly religious standard. I’m not terribly picky; I’m very open-minded, and try my best to get along with everyone. I do want a friend who will actually talk to me. I’ll be reading and commenting your entries, and I expect the same.

I’d rather not add someone who talks excessively about drugs, drinking, and promiscuity. I don’t mind any of those things, but it’s not something I particularly enjoy reading about.

If you’re at all interested in becoming my friend, please comment this entry!

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