the girl with kaleidoscope eyes (katze_13) wrote in add_me,
the girl with kaleidoscope eyes

i don't know why you say goodbye; i say hello

Hello there. I'm just a sixteen-year-old Disney movie and cheesecake addict with a current obsession for Doctor Who. I'm also a big nerd who enjoys reading excessively, writing often, and breaking out into song whenever it feels right.

I love comedies like The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Modern Family. I also watch a lot of Dan Schnieder shows and crime dramas/comedies. I am a big fan of the Percy Jackson series as well as the Harry Potter books and anything written by Sarah Dessen. I am crazy for superhero movies and comics, Marvel and DC being close to equal in my opinion.

My journal varies from being serious real life stuff, light-hearted for fun entries, and the occasional fandom post. Tell me something about yourself in a comment if any of this strikes your interest and you'd like to give it a go as friends.

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