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don't i know you?

music: bright eyes, radiohead, bon iver, the beatles, los campesinos!, brand new, ryan adams, ben folds, iron & wine, arcade fire, arctic monkeys, death cab for cutie, andrew bird, the dodos, sufjan steves, the decemberists, 65daysofstatic, say anything, the national, m. ward, modest mouse, neutral milk hotel, the mountain goats, frightened rabbit, bob dylan, suede, explosions in the sky, tokyo police club, the antlers, the xx, local natives, the tallest man on earth, regina spektor, the books, we are scientists, the smiths, beach house, the postal service, bombay bicycle club, band of horses, M83, grizzly bear, wilco, au revoir simone, future islands, feist, bjork films: the science of sleep, girl, interrupted, a single man, never let me go, paris, je t'aime, la meglio gioventu, amelie, the fall, the virgin suicides, star wars films, homeward bound, american beauty, harry potter movies, tarantino films, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, la vita è bella, studio ghilbi novels: i love so many! my favorites include jd salinger, kurt vonnegut, ee cummings, bukowski's poems, and jonathan safran foer. 
hi everyone. recently my friends list has been pretty dead and so i'm looking for some new people to get to know : ) my name is angela and i have a wide variety of interests: photography, reading, writing, learning new languages, psychology, medicine, biology, volunteering, child development, etc. 

my journal mainly consists of my photography, favorite quotes, life plans, some things about my every day life, and my a lot about longing, longing, longing.

i don't really have "rules" about people adding me, but i do ask that you are open and accepting, and do read and comment fairly often (and i will do the same).

i'm looking forward to getting to know some of you : ) 

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