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Something about me:
My name is Christine. Call me Tina. I am 23 years old soon and I'm a university student from Germany. I study English/American studies, Political science and Sociology. However, I'm moving to the Netherlands tomorrow (!) for a semester abroad.

I'm kind of a globetrotter or at least I am trying to be one. After graduating from highschool in 2008 I was a nanny in London. So far this has been the best year of my life. I was also an English teacher in Beijing/China for two months and coming from a multicultural background I often spend some time in Poland and France where my family and friends live.
Europe is so small. I know. But I really like it here! However, I haven't found "my home" yet. It can be anywhere on this planet (not in China though, haha).

My Journal:
Until now my journal used to be German only. I will obviously change this and I apologise in advance for my English. Grammar is a b****, even in German (yeah says the philology student). I'll keep writing in German though and will seperate the entries from my English ones. The content is not gonna be much different.
I guess the next few weeks I'll write a lot about how I am handling the Dutch and a different university. I also love to share pictures and my thoughts on basically anything...

You maybe?
I'm looking for open-minded people around my age. I am not trying to fill my friends list with millions of people. What's important for me is that we communicate, maybe we have something in common, maybe not but hopefully there's gonna be a lot of exchange!

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