Edie Sedgwick (dementiate) wrote in add_me,
Edie Sedgwick


I'm new to livejournal and I would absolutely love some friends! I'm not at alllll judgmental and I get along with almost anyone!

A bit about myself: well I'm in my early twenties and I go to college. A young girl who's in college. Big surprise there, right? I'm down to earth, funny, flirty, silly, and cute. I also like to think of myself as intelligent! I'm fiesty, spontaneous, and a little bit crazy. I have a wonderfullll boyfriend. I lovvveee hello kitty. I love shoes. I love the arts. I like to work out, do yoga, play tennis, go to the beach, shop, listen to music and watch good movies, go out drinking and dancing, take pictures, write, everything really! I also love horseback riding.

My journal might be a little risque at times so it IS listed at 18+, mostly because I will be talking about sex pretty often. I'll probably also talk about partying sometimes. I may even post some risque pictures occasionally because I do model from time to time. I hope this is okay with anyone who adds me! I'm not going to post a pic of myself on here because I'm paranoid but I'll post lots of pictures in my journal! Feel free to add me whether you think we have anything in common or not. ;)

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