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In real Life, may name is Kristin. I am 34, NCMT (english: nationally certified massage therapist) in MN, Reiki Master 3a, Army Brat, and proud of it.  I work at a Spa in Edina.  

On LJ and DW I am Irish Dragon (Irish for the heritage, dragon for the chinese sign). 

I post mostly from DW, but it does cross to LJ, my posts during the day usually are my daily tarot spreads, and a picture that I have taken usually.  Though there are pictures that I've run across and posted, w/ credit.   I usually return to the journal during the evening and do a review of what happened during the day.  I do not do spreads for others nor do I do astrology for others, it's just a private little hobby of mine.  It is afterall a journal/blog/diary that I choose to share.

You will find politics, opinions, writer's blocks, life, news of note, tarot, photography, craft ideas, etc on my blog.  I am a Libertarian Conservative, so please do keep this in mind.  This does not mean if you are liberal or ultra left or right or in between, that you are unwelcome, just be aware that we will have some differences of opinion.  Bring sources and be calm.

I love Elfquest, I read Laurell K. Hamilton, Cj Cherryh, a couple others, I read fanfiction mainly slash, some gen (in the movies and tv series mentioned).  I enjoy hunting down dead relatives (family treeing/genealogy).  I love to travel, and getting back into that.  ROAD TRIPS!  I watch movies (transformers, craft, losers, starwars, mummy 1-2, Fast and Furious (not tokyo drift); tv: Firefly, Dark Angel, Supernatural, Smallville (when lex was there), Roswell, Airwolf (1-3), Band of Brothers.

If this sounds like some one you wouldn't mind reading or looking at during the day, pull up a chair.   

I have been on LJ since 2004.

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