Rebekah (oceansoul89) wrote in add_me,

Hello :)

I've just come back to Livejournal after a break of about a year, I created a completely fresh new journal and I'm hoping to make a few new friends too!

About Me
I'm 22, I live in Scotland with my boyfriend James and I work part time as a night shift lab assistant at the local hospital. A lot of my journal posts are written while I'm there, so I do have an awful lot of posts about what I get up to in the lab :3

My interests include music - my 3 favourite bands of all time are Nightwish, InMe, and Motley Crue. I also listen to a lot of Shinedown, Hinder and Good Charlotte. My music taste is quite varied, I listen to a little bit of everything depending on what mood I'm in. I read a lot, especially when I'm at work, and at the moment I'm loving everything written by Tess Gerritsen. I don't watch an awful lot of TV, my boyfriend and I just Sky+ shows like True Blood, The Sopranos and The Borgias and watch them whenever we have time together :) We're both a tad movie obsessed, a few favourites are the Rocky films, pretty much anything with Sylvester Stallone, Johnny Depp or Garrett Hedlund, and my personal favourite is 10 Things I Hate About You.
I'm also a pretty dedicated World of Warcraft player, I've been playing for around 5 years and it happens to be where I met my boyfriend, and several of my closest friends.

What I Post About
Since it's a relatively new journal, there's not a whole lot in there yet. I'll pretty much just have day to day updates, chats, thoughts and points of interest. I'll likely be posting quite a few photos, my boyfriend is English so I have intentions of subjecting him to the Scottish wilderness soon, numerous pictures will be taken as proof for his mum ;)
My job can be stressful at times, so there will probably be the odd rant about something or other, though I'll always try to keep negativity to a minimum.
I'm a pretty private person when it comes to my personal life, so I doubt I'll post anything sex-related, and if I do it will be rarely, and it will always be behind a cut :)

I do try and comment on posts that I have something constructive/interesting to say, but I'm unlikely to comment just for the sake of it :) I'm definitely looking to make some long term friendships, hopefully that will eventually extend to facebook at least!

Feel free to add me if you fancy it, I'll never decline/ignore anyone :) Hope to meet some of you soon!

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