Princess Labia (princesslabia) wrote in add_me,
Princess Labia


I'm new to livejournal and I'd love some friends! I'm open to everyone. I'm very easy going and non-judgemental. I can get along with pretty much anyone! I'm a gal, in my early twenties, in college, have a great boyfriend, great friends, a cute kitty, all that stuff. I'm a silly, spunky, spontaneous, easy going girl.

I'm really into music, art, photography, the beach, shopping, the occasional party, tennis, hockey, horseback riding, longboarding, snowboarding, summer, shoes, etc...

My journal will mostly consist of the usual life ramblings and rantings as well as photos of all kinds, but it may also contain some sexually oriented material including slightly risque photos so please don't add me if you're not into that.

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