Mollie (sorryimsorry) wrote in add_me,

Roll Tide Fan, Living In Vols Country...

I'm Mollie, and I'm an 18 year old college student living in East Tennessee. I'm originally from Maryland, and I miss it terribly.
I'm looking for friends, since right now college is such a rough transition. I don't know many in the area, and it really, really sucks.

About me, in a short nutshell (Think acorn, not walnut):
HUGE football fan, college and pro. I also love hockey and and baseball.
I'm majoring in English, and I like poetry and other forms of writing. You write? Share!
I love the beach.
I collect: postcards, seashells, beach glass, oyster shells, rocks, corked bottles, etc.
I'm a fan of using sticky notes; they're all over my room.
I love to talk about almost everything! I'm open minded (shocking, I know, coming from a conservative), but I have my own morals and values that I hope that you respect. I will respect yours as well.
I am a true Christian, and I post often about prayer.
I am engaged, and my fiance lives back in Maryland, which makes me sad.
I love music (who doesn't!?) and love to listen to music I've never heard before. Any ideas?
Hobbies: writing, crocheting, and I'm learning to make candles!

My journal is mostly about my life, with some writing entries thrown in. I'm big into writing about my hometown, back in Maryland, and I love to read what others post! I'm big on commenting. :)

If anyone wants to be my friend, add me! I'll add you back! :)
Love ya'll!


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