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Hey~ My names Tori, I'm a 19 year old Video Game design major from florida, UCF ftw lol~ ^^

I love Asian music, Kpop, Jpop, and Chinese and Taiwanese pop, and I'm always on the look out for new artists and songs, even though most of my posts are about my favourite group Super Junior. Currently I'm also looking to get into other Foreign music, so If you are into those music scenes and want to try and convert someone, I'm your girl ^^

I also write fic, so i you also write fic feel fre to share, and make graphics ^^

But besides Asian music, I Also love Video games, especially RPGs, series like Megaten, Suikoden, Final Fantasy ect.

And I really love Anime. My favourite is one piece, but I'm also in many of CLAMP's works, and recently I've been getting into Moyashimon :3

I also love to read Supernatural, Fantasy, and Sci Fi books, My Favourite series are C.E. Murphy's the Walker Papers, and and The Dragon Riders of Pern Series~ also Tamora PEirce's work, and Harry Potter ^^

I Identify as a Christian, but honestly I think I'm more Agnostic than anything, and I'm Bi, so I welcome flailing about Cute girls and boys alike ^^

I love to talk and will quite often talk you to death, and I'm always on the look out for people who are to Chat or Skype with me lol.

ummmm, I don't really watch TV except for Stargate and the occasional episode of Doctor Who and Star Trek if they are on, and I don't really have any big movie fandoms... I'm interested in watching Japanese and Korean movies and Dramas however, so iff you have any to reccomend ^^

Here's to hoping to meet many new friends~

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