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I have just opened this new journal to start a new stage in my life, so not my first journal, but one I really feel good about starting. I closed the last one because it was filled with a lot of good memories, but some horrid ones. So I feel very refreshed and am looking for some friends who would like to join me on this journey!

I'm 28, from Sydney Australia...a place I love at times and then at other times I get restelesss. I put that to the travelling bug I have. I lived in Los Angeles for 6 months and miss it ridiculously. I wish I had or that I will donate some time to live in London as well. I'm one of those people who can't do the same thing in life for too long.

I am married and have been since the beginning of the year so I am really still a newly wed. We live with our gorgous kitten and she is our baby for the time being. No children as yet. I go to school and do a double degree in Media and Communications (Journalism) and Arts (Media and Cultural Studies and English Literature). I work in the wonderful world of retail as a part time job. Probably will be for awhile as once I finish these two degrees I want to do my Honours.  

Obviously I am then movie and book obsessed as you may guess from what I am studying. I spend my spare time at the cinemas, in front of the TV watching DVD's or at a cafe reading a book. I love old Hollywood and I have crushes on the young Marlon Brando and Charlie Chaplin. I love Gone With The Wind, Breakfast At Tiffanys, The Philadelphia Story, Bringing Up Baby and Sunset Boulevard. I will read anything and everything.

I am looking for people who wants to be friends, not cause drama or just be a number on my friends list. I love comments and I try to comment whenever possible, but I don't comment just for the sake of it and say something obvious or irrelevant. I love people from all walks of life, even those who are completely different from me.

Look forward to talking to you!


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