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Name: Kristina
Age: 24
Gender: Vagina
Status: Taken

Likes: summer, hello kitty, old school horror movies, longboarding, snowboarding, the beach, shopping, shoes, dresses, lipgloss, urban exploration, perfume, cameras, typewriters, cute boys, cute girls, cats, star wars, vincent price, hunter s. thompson, live music, tennis, foreign cuisine, traveling, hockey, wine, bubble baths, hair design, stargazing, random adventures, exploring abandoned places and houses, ghost hunting, beer, BMX, string instruments

Hobbies: taking photos, drawing, painting, writing, longboarding, snowboarding, cooking, hiking, urban exploring, traveling, ghost hunting

Interests: photography, art, music, journalism, astronomy, history, ancient greece, psychology, hockey, philosophy, feminism, literature, culture, nature

Musics: the beatles, the smiths, nick cave, pj harvey, joy division, the knife, david bowie, fever ray, lou reed/velvet underground, beck, NIN, radiohead, the stone roses, echo and the bunnymen, the black keys, broken social scene, the white stripes, the buzzcocks, the fall, nirvana, patti smith, sex pistols, dead kennedys, tom waits, the clash... currently all about the arkells, sebastien grainger, sam roberts, cage the elephant, the arctic monkeys, and tokyo police club.

Anything else? I haven't used LJ in ages... I'll probably mostly post about random life stuff, a lot of photos, posts about music, that kind of stuff. But anyway, I'm really nice, easy going and not at all judgmental so you should probably add me even if we have nothing in common.

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