Chicken of the sea (lucridlucifel) wrote in add_me,
Chicken of the sea

Nerds out there?

Hello. My name is Carolina. Carol for short. I'm a 23 year old bisexual college student making it decently in life. I'm a bit of a furrie. I would consider my fursona to be a hybrid sea-bear. Nothing too crazy like most furries. I am happily taken by dreamscapefox. 3 years and going. I have three fur-children (my adorable dogs) two poodles and a west highland terrier. My personality is described in six words; flamboyant, compassionate, genuine, blunt, honest and eccentric.

I am a humble fashionista geek. Macabre aspects of life fascinate me and the in-your-face cutesyness of life also very much intrigues me as well. Art, literature, writing and science are my passions. I enjoy blogging/journaling since I feel the most free. My main reason on LJ is to fangirl over fandom. A fun dorky hobby I have during my free hours. I occasionally post Real Life entries. They are few and in between. Might change later on. But not likely.

Zombies are waaaay cooler than vampires and werewolves and anything that goes bump in the night. Not that I don't find interest in them as well. I mainly am interested in friending users into fandom. Anime+Manga/Fur/Movie/Book/TV/Scifi+Steamnoir+Fantasy fandoms are my range.

My prime fandoms are: Yu Yu Hakusho, Hannibal Lecter series, Black Butler, Anything Kaori Yuki, InuYasha, Mermaid Saga, Breakfast Club, Nana, Hellraiser, Batman, Skins. The rest are on my bio. But these fandoms I go GaGa for.

I'm a fan-fiction writer. So any fellow FF-writers is very much welcomed to add.  Yaoi/Yuri/Het/Alt-ship friendly, please? No drama, please and thank you.

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