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Insert witty title here...

Hi everyone! I'm a 24 year old Aussie girl who is perhaps more than slightly insane.

I used to use LJ all the time, I had my old one for years and years and years! Then I instead moved on to try things like IJ, DW, Facebook and Twitter... I no longer have the latter 2 and am rarely on the other 2. My flist here is super quiet though, so I'm looking for more people to become friends with :)

As far as interests go, I love writing, reading, art, and music. I play the clarinet and I used to play the bass guitar, when my asthma isn't killing me or my stupidly weak respitory system isn't infected, I can also sing. I'm actually stupidly excited, because although I prefer the aesthetic of real books, I just got myself a Kindle the other day, now at least if I have to go to the hospital yet again for my stupid lungs, I know I'll have something to keep me occupied. I'm currently reading The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson (it's really good in case you were wondering), but other favourites of mine are the Gemma Doyle trilogy and the Harry Potter series.

My favourite bands are My Chemical Romance, Nightwish and Evanescence, but I love a lot of music.

I love Cardcaptor Sakura! Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles as well! Anything by CLAMP really to be honest...

At the moment, I'm feeling thoroughly snowed under between working full time, and studying full time! Yet somehow, I manage to do it... I work at an autism specific special school as a classroom assistant and I'm studying to get my Bachelor of Education (Primary).

My journal is friends only! Please let me know if you're adding me! :)

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