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Hej there! I'm a boring twenty-years-old from little Austria. I've been writing LiveJournal since 2002 or something, but recently started this English journal as I want to improve my English to become superinternational und uberawesome. A bit at least.

I've graduaded in Fashion Design about a year ago, but definitely don't want to stay in the fashion business, because I can't stand the superficiality I experienced in this branche. After a year of self-discovery I came to the conclusion that I totally want to work at the theatre.

My big love is my little cat that I have for three months now and soon another one will move in. I seem to take major steps into the direction of becoming a cat lady. I'm a vegetarian on my way to veganism, love 70's/80's music, old cartoons (especially unintentionally trashy ones), comics, video games (Super Mario! Metal Gear Solid!! Legend of Zelda!) ... and, uhm, literature and art and analogue photography.

In my journal I mostly talk about reallife, so there's hardly any fangirling. Sometimes I try to be funny but fail miserably. Uhm, what else? English isn't my first language, I don't post regularly and I only comment here and there, but I read everything on my friendslist!

So, I hope to find interesting people! ♥

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