aoeliton (aoeliton) wrote in add_me,

Hi. I'm S.

I had an older journal, but I gave it up for this one. Needed a clean slate. I want to be more comprehensive, analytical and thorough with my life. I'm a lifelong diarist and that's what I've always wanted for myself. So here's hoping.

I'm almost 25. I work an almost-full-time job in healthcare tech. I hardly ever talk about it. It pays the bills, but I do other better and bigger things on my own. Most of my life I've kept secrets -- and I doubt that will change -- so my journal is strictly Friends Only. If I know you IRL I won't add you. But that's highly unlikely; nobody I know in real life keeps a diary.

I have crazy parents, a younger brother, and a significant other of six years. No pets. I want a cat.

I want to add people who write well, are thoughtful, and have interesting things to say about themselves and the world around them. I prefer people (over 21, please) who are passionate writers. I want to have wonderful things to read on my friends' page. I don't want to add more than eight friends. I intend to read and comment, and I can't do justice to more than that.

I like classical music (Beethoven, Bach and Mozart) with an emphasis on the keyboard. I also like fiction, television mini-series, writing, playing the piano, cooking, and very very fast driving.

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