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I've been on lj as well as plenty of other similar sites for ten years now, so I'm no stranger to blogging although I did take a nice hiatus and recently decided to start back up again.

My updates are usually my day to day life, so nothing too deep.  I can't say I have some incredibly fun life, but while updating I usually DO keep in mind that I have an audience, so I try to be entertaining here and there.  Basically right now my life is working two jobs, one in a retail setting and another in a local body piercing shop, and I'm tryna get shit together with my boyfriend so we can get a nice place together and etc.  I used to be pretty wild and crazy and went out every night, but I've stopped that lifestyle and sometimes I miss it, and I'm struggling to be a sober, alert, responsible adult.  So far, so good :]

I don't really mind who my friends are on here and I don't have any requirements, but I will say that if you're looking for someone to be up your ass, it isn't me.  I do read and comment, but not because I feel obligated to - if I have something to say, I'll say it.  If I don't feel the need to, I won't.  I also have better things to do than worry if people are commenting me x times a week, so don't worry about being cut!

So if you don't mind random ramblings, sarcasm, a filthy mouth with not much of a filter, bouts of prissiness and airheadedness, I'm your go to girl :]
And if for whatever reason you don't wanna keep me around - delete me, no questions asked.  No drama needed, babes!

visual, if it really matters:

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