koishiitenshi (koishiitenshi) wrote in add_me,

Life can be good...depending on how you look at it.

Was on here years ago. Left and came back to see what's new.  A lot of changes, most for the better it seems. So about me....34 year old bi-female looking for all sorts of new friends. This LJ is super fresh and new so there's only one entry so far. But tons to write about so no worries. I tend to post at least once a day and will comment if that's what's you like. But don't care if you do or not on mine.

Anyone is welcome as long as you're at least 18. I will sometimes talk about 'mature' themes so it's best the kiddies skip this one for everyone's sake. The more diverse the better. I enjoy reading about many different views and lifestyles. That's what makes this life so beautiful. The diversity of us all trying to live on this rock together. It's just awesome to me.

I love making new friends, but also understand that friends don't always agree and that's okay with me. I will be me and you will be you. That's how it should be. So add if you like and we'll get to know each other. It may be the best thing we end up doing all day. I hope everyone has a great day! <3


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