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Hello everyone, I'm back on LJ after a long absence and as all my old friends no longer post, I'm looking for new ones. I'm fairly easygoing. I'll try keep my journal interesting for you to read and comment, and I'll read and comment on yours.

10 Random facts about me:
1 - I have 3 cats. Ivy, Ziva and Tango
2 - My eyes are blue but one has a weird splash of brown in it.
3 - I like to knit, but I don't really manage anything more complicated than scarves.
4 - I like owls. A lot.
5 - I used to be a goth, but I enjoy colour too much, so now I'm just a little bit strange and eclectic. I still like to go to goth clubs though.
6 - I live with my Mum. Sometimes it's good. Sometimes it isn't.
7 - I'm naturally blonde, but I think that the best hair colour in the world is ginger. GInger hair and freckles are the best.
8 - I don't watch much TV, but my favourite is NCIS, if I ever get to watch it.
9 - I collect crystals. Particularly amethysts. I have a lot of them.
10 - I eat lots of pasta. It's my favourite, especially with mushrooms.

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