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bored but i make up for it in randomness usually

I've been on either livejournal or blurty before but never updates much especially after my past boyfriend passed away... he was the writer in the relationship.. met him on here weird I know but moving on after that I just stopped attempted again but never worked out. I am back and think I'm ready... please be kind for I'm only useing my phone most the time so I may not update as much sometimes.
I don't really write perfect. With that said if you can get over that then this is what I would love.
I'm looking for fellow bloggers to friend, to comment on and be commented on and also just read your randomness as I hope you'd read mine and who knows a perfectly good stranger may become the next good friend you never know.
I'm pretty boring but make up for it in randomness. I try to have fun where ever or whatever I'm doing which is usually in a small cubicel in a office that id rather not be in. I'm looking for another job so that's a good thing.
I'm 26 female from arizona phoenix to be exact. I live with my boyfriend and our five kids....which consistes of three cats..tiger, pitty and meeko. Tiger is the alpha male who hasn't been fixed...have you ever seen a male cat rape a stuff animal? Its pretty highlarious especially when he stares at my boyfriend when he's doing it. Pitty is the female she's very... clumsy/dum.. but she's a sweetheart. Meeko has a way of makeing all pain go away he's the cuddle bug and he likes to drool when he's purring. Our dog moosho he's funny I've never seen a dog back up before... and he loves to whine a lot. then there is vlad vampie our betta fish.
I love art , movies, books... enjoy swimming, cooking, hanging out with friends and family.
I'm very random with stuff that I like... I've been known to like a little of this and that...

Ok so if you want to chat, read or comment add me and ill be glad to get to know read and comment you.

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