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Hi there! I can't really say that I'm very good at marketing myself so hopefully none of this comes across as odd!

I go by Nichole, I'm 22 and kind of in a bind with things at the moment. Though I'm as old as I am, I'm still questioning who I really am. Normally, others would have a good idea by my age, but I'm still not completely sure. (I guess it really is true that everyone is different lol). I'm usually in a cheerful, optimistic mood, but I frequently deal with depressing thoughts. I'm highly amused by many things and will often laugh at my own mistakes. Laughter is seriously the best medicine ever. I love it and can't live without it. Life is honestly too short to be serious all the time.

So before I start rambling on and on, here's a list of what I like (because trust me, if I explained it in paragraph form, I'd be on here for a looooong time D:)
♥ Writing original stuff
♥ Drawing in an anime style
♥ Sewing
♥ Anything paranormal (Celebrity Ghost Stories, Ghost Hunters, My Ghost Stories, Ghost Adventures and more)
♥ RPGs
♥ Music 
♥ The concept of dream interpretation
♥ Stand up comedy
♥ Cooking
♥ Laughing until my gut hurts
♥ ....buying clothes
♥ Garage sales
♥ Designing stuff (whether it be room decor or graphics etc, I enjoy it)
♥ TV shows like Bones and Criminal minds
♥ Memes

I'm kind of getting back into reading novels so it's not quite an interest yet, but it may become one here soon~ I'm trying to detox, in a way, from a heavy obsession with anime and manga, but I still like reading and watching sometimes.

Anyway! I'm looking for others to become good friends with. I don't want just another number on my friends list. I'd rather have only a couple of good friends than to have a vast f-list. But, of course, I want to have quite a few things in common with my friends. I do comment when i have something to say, which is often 9 times out of 10, but I won't comment when I have very little to say.

Lastly, I'm quite open-minded, but there are somethings that I don't do well with. Abuse of any kind tops the list, but I'm also very much against piracy (music, books, movies, shows, anime, manga, games and whatever else). I just feel that, if one likes what an artist/author gives them, then they should support it by spending the money on it.

If you'd still like to be friends, and I hadn't already ran you off, please leave a comment and tell me a bit about yourself! I won't add back if it's just a random add with no comment (or if all that is said to me is "Adding you"). As I said, I like to know something about my friends :D Hopefully that doesn't sound too mean DX

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