yournovember (yournovember) wrote in add_me,

Hello there!
I'm completely rubbish at introducing myself, but I will try my best to capture your attention!
I'm Sheilly-- pronounced Shell-y. I'm a sophomore in college, majoring in biology and minoring in bioengineering and German.
Most people who meet me, would describe me as a person who has completely embraced their inner five year old. I'm a bit immature, but I know when to be mature. I'm also known as Smiley, since I have an unusually cheery disposition.
I love music, and reading. I do watch a bit of television, but I only ever fangirl about Doctor Who and Psych. Most of my entries are about school and classes that I'm taking. I do complain about people, but only when I'm really ticked off about something--- which isn't very often. I love recommending music and I usually post about tv shows that I love and movies that I deem "AWESOME." I love shopping, so I do post a lot about stuff that I want to buy or have already bought. And I do write about my life quite a bit.
I'm really trying to get back into livejournal, because I remember it being such a great way to connect to people. It seems that a lot of the people that used to be here either moved on to tumblr or just disappeared off the site. And writing to yourself is kind of boring... so...
If I haven't scared you off, then feel free to comment below, or go to my friend's only post!
Thanks for reading!

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