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Hey there

My name is Karena, I am a California native, 23 years old, newly married and currently pursing a BS degree in Dietetics. I love to read historical fiction and slightly embarrassing tween/teen series books (Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, etc). I am attempting to become a decent runner in my spare time. I ironically work at a pizza parlor despite having a life goal of improving the nation's nutrition. My pets are my babies... We have a dumpy orange/white cat named Butters and a beast of a yellow lab/german shepherd mix named Hurley. We are going to be getting a couple backyard egg-laying hens soon. 

My posts are probably mostly going to be about school, work, my husband and any little adventures we get into. I'd love to befriend other newlyweds & college students. I comment only when I have something worthwhile to say and I would expect any of my friends to be the same way. :)

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