sam* PAN DAEMON AEON. (tokingrogue) wrote in add_me,

shameless self promoting.

i whore around in these communities all the time, it's whatever i have no shame ;D

my name is samantha jo, i go by sam unless i'm in trouble.
i'm twenty years old & was born, raised, moved away from, then back to waynesboro, tennessee.
i'm unofficially engaged to my boyfriend of two years, he's basically perfect for me, but we're in no rush to get married.
i'm the only girl my age i know that does not have a child.
i smoke marijuana, a lot.
if this will cause issues, don't add me. it's not worth it.
i pretty much never capitalize anything on the internet, unless i'm feeling proper.

hello kitty, world of warcraft, magic the gathering, cooking, gardening, decorating everything, coloring books, anything crayola, dubstep, trance, house, techno, industrial, having robot ears, my bff kriax & my fiance caleb, animals, kids, day dreaming, reading, tea, old ps,ps2,gamecube,sega, xbox, xbox360, whatever, love em.

disney stars turned instant pop sensation singers, same with nick stars, harry potter/and all that jazz, christians that always assume they're right because 'the bible says so', people that lie, friends that betray, most people in my hometown.

i don't write fan fiction, and i don't overly obsess over anything in my journal. sometimes i do surveys when i'm bored, but most of the time my journal is daily ramblings about my real life. that's the kind of journals i'm interested in reading.

comment here or on the FRIENDS ONLY entry with a few things about yourself. and creepers please don't add me without saying so. because it kindof weirds me out. kthx bye :D

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