jesus_in_canada (jesus_in_canada) wrote in add_me,

Hello World, How Are Things?

My name is Cool Caro, but you can call me Doctor Caro or Secret Agent Caro, its alright with me. And if you're feeling saucy, Catalina will do as well. I still have the word teen at the end of my age, so lets leave it all that. I'm singleeee like a slice of cheese. I'm a Pisces (where are my Piscean brothers and sisters at?) I love writing. It's what I do best. I write about all kinds of weird things. I also love junk food. Like a lot. I have at least seven cavities. Food is guuuud. I enjoy the telly, with shows like Arrested Development (DID YOU GUYS HERE ABOUT THE NEW SEASON? GASP) Strangers With Candy (Stephen Colbert... unf) Misfits, Family Guy, you know, same old ish. I also enjoy Vampire Diaries, trying to get in The Secret Circle, but ehhhhhhh.... we'll see. I like lots of music, I like some Britney Spears with a little Kanye in it, I also enjoy some Paramore with a splash of Garbage in it. Movies are cool. Great way to kill time. My fav  movies are.... Clueless (Alicia Silverstone at her prime, you guys) Scream (Neve Campbell, such a babe) Scary Movie 1 (That movie can never get old) Lords of Dogtown (Jay and I would have so much fun together) Guilty Pleasure Time: Jennifer's Body (can't lie, Megan Fox looked damn good in it) Honorable mentions: Requiem for a Dream, A Clockwork Orange, The Hangover, and Idle Hands (Seth Green used to be hot). Ummm what else? I'm pretty indifferent to a lot of things, some may say extremely apathetic, but I probably just hate them. My default emotion is boredom, and I'm an avid supporter for anarchy with occasion communism (or the other way around, whatever works). This whole president, and capitalism thing is going waaaaay too far if you ask me. Unfortunately, money = food, so I HAVE to contribute to the economy by getting a job. I think I'll be a dentist. Pretty sweet, huh? So yep, that's me. I'm exactly what makes the sauce so awesomeeeee (no, not really).

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