blank (squisheen) wrote in add_me,

Hi I'm Kelsey. I'm 24 and live in New Zealand. I recently separated from my husband. I write a lot about my life, mostly about the dramas at my job, and relationships that I have with whoever.

I have three guinea pigs. Two are here with me and one is in England with the husband. I miss that pig so much.

I work at an apple packhouse. I make the apple cartons. On my box machine.

Since the beginning of this year I have lost 25kg (55.1lbs) and I feel AMAZING.

I like:
Movies about serial killers, penguins, anything fluffy, bright coloured hair,, reading, writing, swimming, photography, dirty limericks, money, mens skinny jeans on women, various music, spending time with my friends.

I dislike:
Moths/beetles, getting sunburned, being large (never again!), Adele, my phone battery dying, interfering busybodies, workplace politics, sexist treatment of women at my place of work.

So add me if you think we have something in common, just let me know in the comments so I know you're not some spammy bot thing.

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