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19 year old dreamy, compulsively messy professional musician. I hail from Sydney, Australia, and no I do not ride a kangaroo to uni. (School was a different matter...just kidding.)

Some things that might or might not be important to you:
  • Completely irrational, but only when you're not inside my head. Things make perfect sense in there.
  • Classically trained soprano. I sing a lot and talk about music a lot, so if you're tone-deaf or don't like music...yeah. well.
  • I like juice. Freshly squeezed fruit juice. Better than coffee. Ranks about the same in my morning priorities, too.
  • Gorgeous army boyfriend. He's a cynical, practical funny 25 year old who's put up with me wafting round the world with my head on another planet for slightly over two years now. Lovely man. <3
  • Studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English and Music, just finished second year. I also go to uni at Hogwarts. Kudos for anyone who can name the uni.
  • I like to cook. My specialties are white chocolate and raspberry muffins, homemade bread, chocolate chip biscuits and tiny cupcakes, but I also love pasta and chicken with cashew nuts. Broccoli, green beans and crinkle-cut/baby dutch carrots are my thing.
  • Lord of the Rings is about my favourite trilogy of movies ever (yes, I also worship the books). Highlight of my recent performance tour to New Zealand was visiting the WETA Cave. I bounced worse than a pogo stick in the bus seat all the way there, then spent far too much money and came out with Galadriel's ring. Virtual brownies for anyone who knows the name of it.
  • I speak French and Latin. Tell me it's a dead language and I'll start talking about Vatican City.
  • Liberal Catholic. I have no interest in forcing religion on you, neither do I wish to have yours forced upon me. If you start blathering about Jesus and the day of Salvation or anything even vaguely related, prepare to be concentratedly ignored.
  • My favourite phrase right now is 'blithering idiot'.
I'm pretty open-minded, I like hearing about what's going on in your life. I don't always comment but I always read. Some things I hate are bigotry, personal attacks and cruelty. Some other things I hate are seafood, country music, composers who write in key signatures with more than 4 sharps/flats, composers who use double flats and double sharps, and Vegemite.
Yes, I hate Vegemite. I also don't drink beer. Are you calling me unAustralian yet?

I like interesting people. People with quirks. People who do weird things like make cakes by hand and then use the mixer to make the icing.
Does anyone else do that? C'mon, there's gotta be someone else out there...

Anyway. Come make friends. :)

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