brass knucks barbie, bitch. (brassknucksbarb) wrote in add_me,
brass knucks barbie, bitch.

so i've started a new journal because of recently gone through a nasty breakup with my high school sweetheart, best friend of 8 yrs and my "husband". i'm an entirely different person because of it so a new name fits!

i'm 22 years old (23 in december) and i have a kick ass 3 year old (4 in less than 2 weeks!) son. i've been a stay at home mom pretty much since he was born and because of the out-of-the-blue breakup, i'm going to start college next semester in finance and architecture as two seperate degrees. basically, i'm a nerd.

i'm entirely rediscovering myself after this ordeal and still figuring things out -- so this makes for quite an interesting read. i've spent the last 4 years being a horrific neurotic, judgemental mess (i almost can't believe who i was!!) and for the first time in my life, i feel like i'm on the cusp of finally being TRULY happy even though i'm alone, broke and ridiculously sexually frustrated, hahaha.

i do have a few "rules" on adding but it's not too rigid - nobody under 18, no substance abusers, sluts/whores, people who don't post at least once a week or just one liners, a bunch of memes and tests/twitter posts and shit.. i want to read about PEOPLE, not dumb garbage. i'll be posting pictures regularly so that's a huge plus if you do too, and MOMS! but not crappy moms. :)

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