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I'm a twenty four year old single parent (one three year old daughter) from England. I've just made a new journal, as my old one began when I was about sixteen and it was taking too long deleting all the embarrassing old entries! So it's a fresh start for me. I'm open to anyone adding me and will add back happily- if we end up not enjoying each other's writing then we can always delete!
I'm a stay at home mum at the moment, I worked in a pub for six years and left in January to spend a year or so with my daughter, and hopefully next year I will start studying to become an English teacher. My daughter's dad and I have our ups and downs (will probably make for interesting reading!) but he helps out enough so that I can maintain a half decent social life. I looooove to read and need more book buddies! So friends who love books as well are a bonus :)
I'm beginning a weight loss journey as well and will probably be writing/venting about that a fair bit! And I like a drink or five on my child-free evenings. God I'm rubbish at describing myself! Hope I make some new friends though, most of my friends from my old LJ have left!

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