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Hello, I'm Ninja Nick. I'm in need of some new friends, especially those who comment a lot.

I'm a 27 year old male, pretty shy in real life, living in a nice (and often cool) California Central Coast home, employed, internet addict, and has a cute little comic that I draw.

Likes: Ninjas, sleeping, goofing around, listening to music (mostly anything rock, indie, metal, punk, etc.), watching sports, the 90s are all that, kittens, drawing and reading comics (both newspaper and online).

Dislikes: Jersey Shore, most of the pop/rap genre, invasive bugs, getting sick, slobs, trolls, spam, viruses, friends cuts, and people who type like idiots.

I'll add anybody, as long as you're awesome and/or nice. Add me and I'll 99% add you back.

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