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Hello everyone. My name is Lykaios, I'm a girl, 23 years old. I'm a Pagan on a Shamanic Path with interests in Northern Tradition Paganism and Shamanism. I also practice hoodoo.

I have a very strong interest in anything paranormal. I love doing haunting investigations although I don't actually have a formal group of people set up. I do really want to start an investigation team in my area.

Some of my favorite shows are South Park, Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State, and The X-FIles.

My two favorite authors are Tamora Pierce and Stephen King. I love all of the Tamora Pierce books that take place in Tortall, I just can't bring myself to read her books that don't take place in that realm. I started reading the Lioness Quartet in elementary school and my love grew from there. My favorite series is the Immortals.
As for Stephen King, I've been reading him for about as long as I have been reading Tamora Pierce books. My favorite book of his is Pet Sematary.

Some of my favorite bands are Disturbed, Sevendust, Five Finger Death Punch, and Metallica. I have many more but these are the top bands I listen to. In December I'm going to a concert where I'll get to see Sevendust again and Five Finger Death Punch for the first time!

I'm obviously looking for some new friends and if you have interests with any of the things above, with emphasis on paranormal stuff or Paganism or hoodoo, then we'll get along extremely

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