Kirpet (kallah88) wrote in add_me,

Real people.

So I need more journals to read.

I much prefer the kind of journals where people talk about things of substance, as in struggles they are having in their life, not just their ever so happy day-to-day activities.

My journal is a mess of things, full of drunken rants, lolcatz, music videos, webcam updates but the main "subjects" that I write about are my struggles with therapy, alcohol, college, s.i., and other things. 

As long as I feel I have something relevant to say I will comment on your entries. And the better I get to know you the more comfortable I will become with you and so the more I will comment. 

And you're damn right to assume that I bitch, it's my journal I can bitch about the same fucking thing day in and day out if I want. Just as you have the right to do the same in your own journal. 

Comment here or on my F/O post and I'll more than likely add you back. 

Edit: I do have one more request, if you're just going to be an asshole I'd rather you not add me. I have enough cruel people surrounding me in the real world. I don't need more. 

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