RED <3 (thegoinbetweens) wrote in add_me,
RED <3

More New Friends...

I am content with the friends that I have. I adore them dearly and have gotten close to a lot of them. However, I would enjoy getting to know more people and getting close to you guys, as well. (Well, whoever wants to add me!)

I am currently 23 years of age. I work full time as an Assistant Manager at a gas station and I am also a full time student. My current study is Psychology and I will graduate in Fall 2012! I live with my boyfriend who I have been living with for over two years now. We have one cat, Xan, and one new kitten, Stark. We named them after characters from Farscape. I have the mouth of sailor. I am my father's daughter. I am hard working and determined. I am a natural red-head but do not let that fool you. I live in Massillon, Ohio and I hate it here! I am far from being a girly-girl. I love my Chuck Taylors and hoodies. I wish I could live in my pajamas. Music is my escape goat from everything. Even though I work full-time, I am always broke. I am honest, outspoken and have a wonderful sense of humor. I am too sarcastic for my own good. Did I miss anything? Probably...

I am the type of person who will give anyone and anything a shot as long as I like it, I continue pursuing that. I enjoy alternative/rock/indie/punk music, such as: Nine Inch Nails, Coconut Records, Tool, Dresden Dolls, Ani DiFranco, The Shins, Sleater-Kinney, Queens of the Stone Age, The White Stripes and those are to only name a few. I am a huge movie buff and will watch anything once. My favorites include: Fight Club, Donnie Darko, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Nightmare Before Christmas, Garden State, I Heart Huckabees and again these are only to name a few. I also love to read when given the time on my own. Again, I will read anything once. I adore Chuck Palahniuk, Kurt Vonnegut, Bret Easton Ellis, and more where that came from.

Enough talking about what I am interested in. I suppose I should mention the important things about myself as an LJ friend. I have the mouth of sailor. So, if you are offended by my consistent bad habit of cussing then I suggest we do not befriend one another. I am an Atheist. I ask to not be preached to nor changed. I do not mind having friends who are religious because it does give me insight. However, as long as one does no affect the other, we will be just fine! I comment as much as I can. I am a busy girl and I can not comment every day. I will, however, read every entry and sometimes, it is difficult to comment every entry because there are just no words. So, as long as that is understood, we will be fine again! Also, I do ask that your entries are readable. I know that I do not have the most perfect grammar. I just ask that I am capable to understand the entries because that helps me to understand you!

So, if you want to add me. I have absolutely no problems with that. Just add and I will add you back. I look forward to meeting and becoming close to you guys :D

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