sinning_hands (sinning_hands) wrote in add_me,

Hi everyone,

I'm a former avid LJer, but my use has slowed to a halt in recent years. I decided to rekindle my interest in blogging (I spend so much time online as it is, avoiding my homework) and love new friends :)

I'm a 20 year old female from British Columbia. I'm interested in basically everything, except the things I'm not interested in. What I do like, however, especially, is writing, photography, arts and crafts, live music, literature, exploring/traveling, and spending hungover days on the couch watching documentaries on Netflix. I'm a full-time student majoring in Psychology; also a professional slacker. I'm social, love people, and am generally non-creepy. I love talking about literature, music, philosophy, and life in general. I'm eccentric, but I don't care if you aren't. 

If you want to be friends just leave a comment here on on my friends-only entry, I'll be happy to add you ^_^
Just a note that while my journal doesn't contain anything pornographic in nature, the nature and content of some entries probably isn't suitable for younger people. 

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