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sooo my name is jennah, i'm 22 (23 next month!), mother of one - 4 yr old boy, and i live in floriduh. i just got out of a horrible 4 yr relationship and after a few months of some hardcore self discovery and awakening, i'm in a new relationship that is pretty incredible, with a guy who has a kid as well.. starting college in january and i'm rushing to meet deadlines to get it done, while trying to juggle being a single mom and easing back into a relationship while still trying to escape my ex.

i don't do the lj fighting or arguing, but if you can't handle someone commenting something sensible, you shouldn't add me. i can't handle stupid people or people who whine about trivial shit, irresponsibility, substance abuse, bad parents (if you have to ask what constitutes being a bad parent, you probably are one), etc. i just really want to get that out of the way so i don't waste my time (or yours). i don't make enemies or start garbage, i try to avoid it because i'm too old for that sh!t and you should be too. i gotta add: nobody under 21 please!

as for me, i'm usually a manic mess, clean freak, book nerd, music lover, knowledge-obsessed, math geek with aspirations a little too high for some and a mind that dosen't quit. i might sound like an asshole, but i just don't want to deal with bs. but i promise i'm a nice girl ;)


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