mstardmusketeer (mstardmusketeer) wrote in add_me,

Hullo. I tried to avoid this as I am truly awful at it, but this here is a new journal, and I want to start using it, and I suppose it will be a lot more fun to have actual friends to interact with. What my posts will be about I have not yet decided, I'll just see where it goes shall I? I am very interested in building rapports with other lj users, and though I know that sometimes people just don't click I reckon the best way to know is to try! So I am rather open regarding this friending malarkey.

I am fascinated by popular culture, especially broadcast media, and film and theatre. I've a lot of love for anarchic comedy, too. I'm also very much into animation, as a craft and as a medium, although I don't think there is near enough of it here in the UK.

My strengths include kicking arse at The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, and touching my nose with my tongue like a boss.

My weaknesses include writing about myself, and making lists.

Please stop by and say hello!

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