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Hi Everyone :)

Hello Everyone,

I'm not nessisarily new to live journal, I have been around for a long while. But since I havent been around for quite a while Im seeking friends to begin to be back in touch with my Live journal network. Im a sweet, wonderful girl who has a awesome sence of humor. I play video games, ofcourse mind you I mostly play Blizzard games. I play World of Warcraft on a daily basis. I also attend Stevens-Henager college. I am majoring in Graphic Arts. I havent messed around in Live journal very much, but I used to make layouts for S1 i think. It was the old version of Live journal. If you want to view my journal, you might find a few things about me. :) I have been posting more and more as of late. Mostly about my romantic life, but I do post about other things when I get the chance. Its mostly about my boring life. But if you want to add me thats fine I'll add you back <3.

I'm an oldschool Livejournal User. Been around since the beginning. <3 But Im not haughty or stuck up. :) Im very down to earth and a great person all around. :)

Thank you for reading my drabble. :) Comment if you want me to add you! :)

Edit: Am i that boring? I enjoy playing video games such as World of warcraft, starcraft 2 and Diablo 3. Im also Wiccan, as well as an avid artist. I go to stevens henager as a graphic artist. I just am so massivly bored most of the time and so I really want to have some friends to talk to me through live journal. Please <3 thank you!

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