massiemoscow (massiemoscow) wrote in add_me,

I am very very new to LiveJournal, so bare with me while I figure things out.

I'll skip the long intro, and just give you a few basic facts :)

-My name is Madison, but please, call me Massie.
-I am 25, but I don't really act my age :)
-I am a sweet girl, for the most part.
suffer from an illness, borderline stage 3 Endometriosis, my primary
reason for creating this journal.  I do write about it a lot, so if it
isn't your thing, you may not want to add me.
-I have a twin sister, who I am very close to.  Fraternal.
-I am getting married in 6 weeks to the man I have been with for the last 4 years
-I am a vegetarian, but I won't preach to you about it.
am a Christian, but lets please spare the stereotypes.  I am very open
minded, I don't care if you are Atheist or Muslim, I won't try to lead
you to Christ.  As long as we get along, I don't care what you believe.
-I am a redhead with big blue eyes.
-I live in the South US, but I was born in Russia.
-I am a very loving person, who just wants to give everybody the love and attention they deserve, and get it back in return.

Hope to see you over at my LJ!!

***I am the redhead, the one with black hair is my twin,  We are obviously fraternal :)


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