wi_sweetie (wi_sweetie) wrote in add_me,

Hello.  Um, I need friends.

This is a new journal, but I'm not new to LiveJournal. (I've had several journals here over the past decade....)

A little about me:

-I'm 25, and so looking for friends around my age (mid to late 20s?)
-I'm a teacher
-I'm leaving teaching next school year to return to school for a B.S. in Healthcare Administration
-I have Type 1 diabetes
-I live with my wonderful boyfriend and our baby bunny
-I hate snow, yet I live in Wisconsin
-I was engaged at a young age.  That didn't work out.
-I'm very open-minded, but not at all religious
-I enjoy reading, but have little time for it (hopefully that changes as I go back to school and make a career change)
-I was once attacked by a bird while riding my bike.  I fell.  It was horribly painful and extremely undignified.
-Someone once got a restraining order against me over an argument.  I suppose I lost that fight.
-I haven't lived with my parents since I was 18.
-I have no idea what else to write, but I do need to go shower and eat and get to work to teach my little kindergarten friends.  (Oh, help me! They'll be crazy after Thanksgiving break!)

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