Alex (eternityinblack) wrote in add_me,

Still Kinda New, But Wanted More Friends

Hey y'all!

I posted here about a month or so ago and got a good amount of friends, so I'm posting here again to see if there's any more I can get! I already have 50 posts that I've written within the past couple of months, am a very wordy writer, and I talk about a lot of random stuff.

Oh, that's right! There's stuff about me too! I'm in my early 30s living in Southern California near all the major film studios and my LJ basically covers a wide variety of topics which mostly revolve around my life, my friends, and a lot of self-discovery. There's stuff about gender bending, anime/manga, fantasy, MMOs, video games, webcomics, music, movies, and just general randomness in posts that characterize the whole thing as simply, "Me."

I guess a sampling of my "Likes"... I'm currently liking Skyrim, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Tokio Hotel, Skylar Grey's "Invisible," Michael Jackson's "Human Nature," house music, The Muppets, all of Christopher Nolan's films (Inception, Memento, Batman, etc), I own several Macs, the Diablo III beta, chicken, Captain America, Thor, and the fact that you can abbreviate Assassin's Creed to asscreed.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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