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music's got me feelin' so free.

90% of all the friends i've ever made on livejournal ends up writing a few entries and then go missing for me to never hear from them again. so, in hopes of not getting friends like that, i'm willing to whore myself out. :D

my name is samantha, but everyone calls me sami or just sam. i prefer sam, but it's whatever.
i'm twenty years old.
i'm unofficially engaged to the cutest, nerdiest, weirdest young man on the planet.
i live with said weird fiance, and our best friend. 
without these two men in my life, i would be completely batshit insane.

i'm addicted to :
cigarettes, coffee, world of warcraft, hello kitty, bright colors, and techno.
i rarely drink, and i don't touch man made drugs.
420 lovers, i'm with you<3

i'm bipolar and i have mad a.d.d. i try to deal with both the best i can without medication.
i rant and rave, cuss a lot, and say things that don't even make sense at times.

if you'd like to be friends, go to my public entry and comment there.
i can't keep track of comments in communities.

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