Riocain Jasmine Low (riocain) wrote in add_me,
Riocain Jasmine Low


My name is Jasmine 
Erm, fullstop. 

Please don't mistaken me of stingy with words, 
Rather I'm bad at introduction, even if it's just a brief one. 
But thanks to my chatterbox personality (not an everytime thing though) 
You might see a long flowing passage with endless boundary that keeps going on and on and on... 

Frankly I don't know the descriptive traits to pinpoint for myself. 
Like light & darkness, there's always a measure of the opposite 
A Scorpio (I don't believe in daily horoscope, but the personality section worth a look though...) 
Born in year 1992 (Going to be 20 when my next birthday comes~) 

Let me see, what else~ 

I like Poetry, Kamen Riders, Sentai Rangers, Food, Music, Philosophy, Anime, Reading, Manga, Writing, Cartoons, Dramas..etc~
I like too many things that I think it would be easier to answer, what I don't really like.

Would love to know more people. Everyone has a story to tell, and I find them of interest reading too. Thanks for reading this~

~Riocain ^_^Y


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