Erin (princess_wentz) wrote in add_me,

Hello -

It's nearly the new year and I'm excited for any potential things that could be - well, "new". So I'm looking for new lj friends to communicate with.

About the journal:

The journal itself has been since 2008, though I abandoned it and moved on to other journals for a while, when I thought I'd "matured". As you can see from my username, there were REASONS why I decided to move on. But I'm graduating soon and the sense of nostalgia pulled me back into where it all began. I've been gathering as much of my old stuff from various places in order to make the journal as complete as possible, despite the huge blank spot where "2009" lay. 

My updates are less than scheduled, and often come when something comes up for me to talk about. My rages are legendary, and when I get philosophical I tend to question the air we breathe. Mostly though my posts are normal, though I tend to write more about what I'm thinking throughout the day than what's happening to me. I'm a pretty mental person, take that as you will.

About me:

I love food and reading and tend to do both a lot. I'm a New Zealander who was born in Philippines who currently lives in Australia, so cultural identity is a pretty grey area for me, though my New Zealand patriotism is strong enough to have me crying through rugby games and vindictively activating the New Zealand/Australian rivalry in all my conversations.

I'm an extremely obsessive fangirl who is really into X-Men (or, specifically, the relationship between Erik and Charles) and I tend to stand on an imaginary podium and preach about their epic love to any who might be willing (or even unwilling) to hear. James McAvoy, Robert Downey Jr and Reese Witherspoon are my favourite actors and I don't tend to like musicians as much as I have favourite songs, though as you can tell by the username, that wasn't always the case.

I love a lot of books as well, though I have a fondness for Terry Pratchett, David Sedaris, The Harry Potter Series and Louis Sachar. And also a guilty pleasure for Dan Brown, despite the facts all his books are pretty formulaic. I'm slightly a bibliophile, and I love to read and collect books - the two not always connected. If I was richer my house would be built with books, I think. I also have a love/hate relationship with Jane Austen and a respect for Shakespeare that came from studying his works for years in school.

I also collect DVDs of movies and TV shows I deem worthy. I have a lot of comicbook movies, sci-fi, fantasy and Disney, as well as documentaries. I have a love affair with Supernatural and a very strong marriage to Stargate: Atlantis, plus a very Romeo x Juliet romance with Merlin.

My name is Erin.


If you're interested (winkwink) please comment here and just add me, and I'll add you back. It's been a pleasure... uh, writing about myself to you.

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