perfect execution (fixtape) wrote in add_me,
perfect execution

Hi! I have been on LJ since 2002 under many usernames. My name is Shelly. I'll be 23 on January 5th. I live in Orange County, California with my boyfriend of 5 years and my two hamsters, Princess Periwinkle and Benny Lava. I listen to all styles of music, from the Murderdolls, to Darren Styles, to Jason Aldean and Krayzie Bone. My favorite tv shows are Dexter, The Walking Dead, and American Horror Story. I'm interested in photography, cryptozoology, and marine biology. I'm not interested in journals that post a lot of fan-fiction. I do smoke so if that offends you, don't add me. I suck at writing add_me posts. Let me know if you want to be friends~

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