maverickfl (maverickfl) wrote in add_me,

Hi, You Can Call Me Maverick

I go by Maverick, simply because it's my favorite nickname. I've been called, Ninja, Meyer-Time, Oscar(I put an end to that one), Kay, and the Fairy King(not because I'm gay, simply because I played Oberon in a school play). If you read my last ten or so posts, you'll see an awesome love story beginning to form between Sara and I. I write about our slow but sure path to a relationship--rocky because of her parents, read and find out--my adventures with friends, and my training: weightlifting and martial arts. I'm extremely political by nature, but I don't post about it. I respect other views as long as you're civil when we debate. I'm going to stop writing right now, because I am currently nursing some bruised knuckles from my training. Comment anywhere on my journal if you want to add me, and I will add you back.

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