Kryss (thejuicy) wrote in add_me,

hi there

I'm Kryss. I'm 23. & all I want for Xmas is some friends, apparently!

I sort of go to a university. I should be graduating soon. I have two jobs, both in restaurants, which I enjoy. I sort of have a drinking problem (I'm trying to prove I don't) and I smoke a lot of pot so, there's that. I ride my bike a lot but that's mainly because I don't drive cars very well. I've wrecked my fair share of them. Probably your fair share too. I guess it's safe to say that I'm pretty irresponsible. I don't mean to be, though. I pay my bills on time. Mostly. 

I like music a lot. I secretly want to be a DJ but am somewhat content with going out to shows now. Nearest and dearest to my heart is punk rock (Social D, Pennywise, Dead Kennedys), indie stuffs (Foals, Sleigh Bells and EDM (omg Deadmau5) hip hop (underground like POS and Atmosphere, oldschool like Tribe Called Quest, or any club banger from LMFAO haha). Obviously into lots of subgenres like reggae and whatnot too. But they say people who talk can only talk about music at length are boring, so...

I might be sort of boring. But my life used to be stupid eventful not too long ago, and I don't miss it. Really. Seriously. 

I sometimes get a little philosophical. Or whiny, depending on how you look at it. 

I feel numb a lot. Not necessarily cynical. Just sort of devoid. I like to talk about it. 

I like to mourn the loss of youth. 23 feels ancient as fuck. 

In all my years (10?) on and off LJ there have been only a few people who I have gotten to really know, and those are the only friends that I'd like to find now. It's not interesting to me to read a friends page full of entries from strangers. I realize that most relationships on LJ turn out this way, though. So it's okay if we eventually stop talking to each other. Sometimes I forget to log in for like a month. It happens bro. 

These are from my most recent photo-whore sessions.


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