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O hai dere, hoomanz.

Most people call me Dani. I am an atheist who lives in Texas — I've more or less been grounded in my lack of faith since I was three years old and realized that I didn't "feel" the same way towards religion as a lot of other people around me, but I'm really friendly about my disbelief as long as I am extended the same civilities. I am also a college student majoring in biology, set to graduate with my associates' degree at the end of next semester! My hopes are to transfer out to the nearest four-year university and get a bachelor's in cell biology or microbiology.

I like:
· Anime and manga
· Bubblegum pop
· Card games, particularly MTG and YGO (the latter is my "guilty pleasure")
· Cyberlox and other hair extensions
· Drawing and writing in my spare time
· Dying my hair fantastic colors
· Fanfiction
· "Inventing" spare time
· MMORPGs, particularly MapleStory and Ragnarok Online
· Science
· Techno and trance music
· The Vampire Diaries
· Twilight, albeit mocking it as Stephanie Meyer set the premise
· Video games, particularly old-school late eighties and early nineties ones

I also have a five-year-old and a one-year-old that I write about sometimes. But amazingly enough, a lot of my friends are childfree and we tend to get along great!

Add me if:
· you think I'm awesome
· you don't mind someone who doesn't comment on every single entry you make
(I do read them, though! ♥)

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