Michelle Tree (shefoundlove) wrote in add_me,
Michelle Tree

My name is Michele. I enjoy the simple little things and it is quite apparent in my posts. I'm very silly and a vintage admirer. I'm 21 and I live in California. I have nerd tendencies which include, but are not limited to: Sci-fi shows, Miyazaki films, witty humor/sarcasm, computer science, and organization. I work from home. I am a FIDM grad in Fashion Design and am still trying to learn as much as possible. I love reading and languages. Right now I know 6 languages but want to extend that number. I like livejournal because it is a nice way to analyze myself and my surroundings, as well as getting a second opinion or even just support is nice. I try to comment as often as I can on friends' posts. I am a optimist-realist, so I try my best to be that friend who sees the sunny side of things. Hope everyone is having a happy holiday. Cheers x


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