Tista Sengupta (shikakusama) wrote in add_me,
Tista Sengupta

sitting in a tree

The wind played with my hair  as i sat on the branch of my favourite tree which happens to be a banyan tree.The tree is as old as my house which happens to be 200 years old.I learned how to climb a tree when i was four.I love sitting on a tree here i am the king of the world nobody can tell me what to do here i can make my own rules and make my own decisions.Underneath Rogan Chacha ( uncle) worked on the garden .Rogan chacha has been our gardener for as long as one can remember he is as old as some plants in the garden itslef.He loves tochat with me while working .He loves to tell me stories of long gone times and i love hearing them.I share the tree with a squirrelhave named him rhinna she loves to eats nuts and sometimes takes them from my hand.There are lots of birds most of them crows of course but some of them are rare birds the names of which i dont know.I can hear my mother calling so reluctantly i get off the tree to go inside.

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