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Hello, all :3

Hello! I'm Phyre. So... I'm new to Livejournal. Not, like, obnoxious n00b new, just... New. It was suggested heavily by a real life friend that I should join LJ because I write fanfiction often, but, because is cruel, I didn't get feedback. Like, at all. So.... Here I am! And I'm having trouble finding time to get everything running, so it'll be a while before I'm fully up and functional. I like doing these types of things correctly, so I want everything to be pretty and polished once I start posting my writing.

In the meantime, I'd like to get some friends!!! Of course, I'll friend in return. But if you're going to be getting my journal entries in your feed, you really need to know what you're getting into. I write for Harry Potter, Meet the Robinsons, Peter Pan, Teen Titans... I can't really foresee what'll be up there in my future, really XD But I do a lot of sad posting on both FB and tumblr, so that's something else that might be a deal breaker, I suppose :/ I got dumped on the last day of 2011, so the sea's a bit rough now.

I'm seventeen right now and a senior in high school. I'm planning on double majoring for BFAs in Photography and Film Production. My first plan was to be a photographer. Ideally, if I go down that path I want to attend Drexel University, intern with Kai Z Feng, and become a fashion/celebrity photographer. However, I also really want to become a director, and I'm working on my first script already!!! :D

I'm also into music... A lot. The trombone is my primary instrument, but I've learned cello, bass guitar, piano, trumpet, and clarinet also. I'm in my school's jazz band, orchestra, marching band, wind ensemble, and brass ensemble, and for a number of years I've been in various honor bands. I'll be playing the first trombone part of Cabaret on stage as part of the band in the spring, also. Besides music, film production, and photography, I'm into acting, and around the same time as Cabaret I'll be portraying Elizabeth in The Crucible. Besides that, I rp a lot, though I don't as much think that's something I'll be bringing onto LJ.

Uhmm... That's about all I can think of right now. Add me if you want :D

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